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In the Press

"New Honda CR-V proves a refreshingly calm and useful SUV that still benefits from smooth, balanced dynamics" - Autocar


Introducing the new Honda CR-V 2013

Honda Crv/Twilight Blue Metallic

A distinct presence

The new CR-V has a distinct presence, a powerful, functional shape that is enhanced by its bold, dynamic grille, sleek integrated headlights, LED Daytime Running Lights and smart alloys.

The dramatic window designs offer superb all round visibility, not only making it easy to see out of, but making it a pleasure to be seen in, wherever your journey takes you.

Fluid lines

The new CR-V's fluid lines and bold, distinctive look have been carefully considered to enhance design and assist performance.

The tailgate spoiler, for instance, gives a sleek dynamic look but also channels airflow more efficiently to improve fuel economy.

The curved edges of the door mirror harmonise with the overall design, as well as reducing blind spots around the car. Even the parking sensors have been designed to blend seamlessly into the front and rear bumbers, ensuring a clean, refined look from every angle.

Your haven from a busy world

Honda Crv/Inside 350x350

Welcome to your haven from a busy world. The CR-V's spacious interior has been designed to create a quiet refined and relaxed ambience. It's a very pleasurable space to travel in, as driver or passenger. Soft touch material on the door panels and dashboard add extra quality, while a choice of seat fabrics, including leather in classic black or contemporary ivory, adds a genuine sense of comfort.

Power lumbar support in the driver and passenger seats can be adjusted for overall comfort whilst you drive, while the driver seat's electronic memory*; records two programmable settings.

Refined, spacious and intuitively designed, the CR-V's cockpit ensures that every feature is positioned just where you need it; to keep the driver in full control at all times.

* Not available on all models

Intelligent Multi Information Display (i-MID)

The clean and elegantly laid out dashboard presents advanced driving technology in the simplest of ways, placing essential information in the line of sight, for instant readability.

An intelligent-Multi Information Display (i-MID) provides useful information like your current mpg or the music to which you're listening. Its 5-inch colour screen is centrally placed in the instrument panel for easy viewing, while all of its functions can be effortlessly controlled from the steering wheel. The rear view camera displays through i-MID screen or the Satellite Navigation and can work in tandem with the Multi-language Voice Recognition Satellite Navigation system*.

The CR-V's updated audio system features a CD tuner and DAB radio*, adding quality and offering more stations as well as improved reception. Both are linked to four speakers* plus two tweeters for crisp, clear sound all around you. All audio functions, including a Hands Free Telephone (HFT) system and iPod connection are also viewed through the i-MID screen.

* Not available on all models

Smart Keyless Entry

Honda Crv/Folding Seats 350x350

The CR-V even makes life easier before you step inside, as Smart Keyless Entry* locks and unlocks the doors and will also start the engine - without you having to search for the key, simply by pressing the Engine Start Button.

* Not available on all models

Comfortable and adaptable

Developed with comfort and adaptability in mind, the CR-V is designed for maximum space and flexibility. Our engineers started at the front, creating more legroom for the driver and front passenger and increased all-round visibility, making you feel more comfortable and confident when driving.

The rear seats, coupled with a reclining backrest and curved door linings, create more room for your passengers to relax in. The final result is an open and highly adaptable space that allows everyone to arrive refreshed, no matter how long or short the journey.

One Motion Folding Seats

The innovative one-motion folding seats mean creating space for bulky items is one motion away. Just by pulling each leaver in the back or the strap at the side of the passenger seat, the rear seats fold seamlessly, creating a flat base in an instant, opening up a generous 1146 litres of boot space.

The 60:40 split rear seats fold to create a large amount of boot space and the flexibility to transport a range of different items to suit your lifestyle.

Innovative Power Tailgate

New to the CR-V is the innovative power tailgate*.

A clever piece of technology that makes life a whole lot easier. With a single press of a button on the key fob or from the interior, you get instant access to the CR-V's capacious space. Another push of the button and the door smoothly and securely closes down again.

To assist you when reverse parking, a rear camera* is position high in the tailgate for a clear idea of what's behind you, maximising the area you can view.

* Not available on all models


Driven by Technology

Honda Crv/Satnav 350x350

The CR-V is full of ideas and innovative technology, working together to increase efficiency, with outstanding fuel economy and lower CO2 output.

Idle Stop

One such technology is idle stop. available on all manual transmission CR-Vs. A clever system that turns off the engine when you come to a standstill, at traffic lights for example, and the seamlessly starts it again when you press down the clutch.

2WD or 4WD

Another is the electronically controlled 4WD (four wheel drive) system. As front wheel drive is the default mode for standard driving conditions, the CR-Vs 4WD automatically kicks in when loss of traction, caused by wet, icy or slippery surface is detected. And, because this upgraded system is always monitoring the road surface, it cleverly ensures that power is only given to the wheels that need it, being more fuel efficient at the same time as delivering confidence-inspiring grip and stability.

The 155ps 2.0 i-VTEC engine features variable valve timing and Lift Control for optimised output at high engine rpm, and fuel efficiency at lower rpm. It's available with a choice of 2WD (two wheel drive) or 4WD powertrains.

The 2WD features a 6-speed manual transmission, whilst the 4WD offers a choice of 5-speed automatic or 6-speed manual transmissions. An impressive 350NM or torque is available from the all-aluminium 150ps 2.2 i-DTEC diesel engine, offering strong towing capability. This is matched to a 5-speed automatic or 6-speed manual transmission, and comes with a 4WD powertrain.

Eco Assist

Honda Crv/Econ Button 200x200

The CR-V comes with Honda's innovative Eco Assist. It's a system which helps drive more efficiently, by monitoring your driving. The smoother you drive, avoiding heavy acceleration and breaking, the ambient meter around the speedometer glows green; brake or accelerate sharply and the ambient meter glows blue.

The ECON button helps to achieve maximum fuel efficiency in real-world driving situations. When activated, fuel economy is improved by adjusting the performance of the engine transmission, air conditioning and cruise control, to conserve fuel even further.


Keeping you safe

A great deal of complex engineering is at work in the new CR-V, keeping you and your passengers safe.

Motion Adaptive-EPS

Motion Adaptive-Electric Power Steering is a new technology that works closely with the Vehicle Stability Assist, or VSA. In the event of an oversteer, for example in snow or icy conditions, it increases the effort needed to add steering to the inside of the curve and lightens the effort to counter steer in the opposite direction, at the same time as applying the brakes to the outside wheels only.

It helps you to drive correctly and naturally out of the situation in complete control.

Whiplash Mitigation Front Seats

In the event of a collision, the seatback springs are optimised so that the seat will more equally absorb the occupant's impact, in a manner that can minimise the severity of a whiplash injury.

Emergency Stop Signal (ESS)

Emergency Stop Signal, or ESS, rapidly flashes the rear brake lights, warning following drivers if you need to brake heavily, reducing the possibility of a rear-end collision.

Hill Start Assist (HSA)

Hill Start Assist prevents roll back when starting on an incline. Using a slope sensor the brake pressure is controlled keeping the car stationary for 1.5 seconds after you release the brake pedal.

Electronically Controlled 4WD System

Real Time All Wheel Drive (AWD) with Intelligent Control System gives the CR-V completely automatic, smooth four wheel capabilities in rain, snow and on dirt roads and dry tarmac.

SRS Airbags

For maximum protection, the front airbags use a two-stage inflator allowing the timing and force of deployment to vary according to the severity of the impact. Side curtain airbags protect the driver and passengers in the front and back in the case of a side-on collision, while the front head restraints move to reduce whiplash injury, working in conjunction with the 3-point Emergency Locking Retractor ELR seatbelts.

Hill Descent Control (HDC)

Hill Descent Control* or HDC allows a smooth and controlled hill descent at the push of a button, without the driver needing to touch the brake pedal. The system monitors the speed of the vehicle as it descends and if the vehicle accelerates without any driver input, the system will automatically apply the brakes to slow the CR-V down.

Headlight Auto Timer

Sometimes known as "coming home lights", this system allows you to let your headlights stay on for up to 60 seconds after you have turned off the engine, lighting your way as you leave your CR-V.


Active Cornering Lights (ACL)

Active Cornering Lights, or ACL, illuminates the turning you are about to take, from the moment you indicate or turn the steering wheel. This enables you to see changes in the road ahead earlier, especially on dark or poorly lit roads.

Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA)

Clever technology is always at work while you drive the CR-V and often you'll never know it's there, even when you're using it. It's all about co-operative control, with each safety feature working seamlessly together to give constant support to the driver.

In all conditions and on all road surfaces, Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA) monitors all four wheels independently, and calculates the precise amount of power or braking force needed to regain control if traction is lost. In very slippery conditions it manages engine torque and braking to each wheel, reducing speed to a point that allows safe and consistent travel.

Trailer Stability Assist (TSA)

When towing TSA constantly monitors the movement of the trailer relative to the CR-V. If it sees too much difference, for instance in a cross wind, or when changing lane, it steps in before things get dangerously out of line. By adjusting engine torque and applying precisely the right amount of braking to the relevant wheels, TSA brings the payload back into alignment.

Advanced Driver Assist System

Lkas 200x200

For the ultimate in safety, the CR-V is available with the Advanced Driver Assist System*, or ADAS. ADAS is a combination of innovative technologies, including:

  • LKAS - Lane Keeping Assist System*
  • ACC - Adaptive Cruise Control*
  • CMBS - Collision Mitigation Braking System*

They all work harmoniously together to reduce driver fatigue on long journeys and offer protection in the event of a collision. For more information on ADAS, please visit the following page:

  • ADAS - Advanced Driver Assist System

* Available as an option on some models


The CR-V Range

Each CR-V is designed to suit your lifestyle, all you need to do is decide which one is right for you. The choice can seem bewildering, so the following is a deliberately simple list, but does not show all the options for each grade - please Arrange Viewing and Test Drive and we will be delighted to go through the options:

  • S Grade = 17'' alloys, fabric upholstery, climate control, cruise control, i-MID, CD/FM Tuner, USB, VSA, TSA, HSA, HDC, Perimeter alarm, Halogen headlights
  • SE Grade + Parking sensors, Bluetooth HFT, Rear view camera, Leather steering wheel/gear knob, Cat-1 alarm
  • SR Grade + 18'' alloys, half alcantara/half leather upholstery, heated seats, Bi-HID headlights, HSS, ACL, DAB radio, Privacy glass, Roof rails
  • EX Grade + Leather upholstery, HDD satellite navigation, Keyless entry and start, Panoramic glass roof, Power tailgate

* This is a partial list only

And further customisation is possible with the addition of the Urban Pack, Robust Pack, Design Pack and Illumination Pack, along with a choice of three stunning designs of alloy wheel.



  • Honda Crv/Alabaster Silver Metallic
    Alabaster Silver Metallic
  • Honda Crv/Crystal Black Pearl
    Crystal Black Pearl
  • Honda Crv/Deep Ocean Blue Solid
    Deep Ocean Blue Solid
  • Honda Crv/Passion Red Pearl
    Passion Red Pearl
  • Honda Crv/Polished Metal Metallic
    Polished Metal Metallic
  • Honda Crv/Twilight Blue Metallic
    Twilight Blue Metallic
  • Honda Crv/Urban Titanium Metallic
    Urban Titanium Metallic
  • Honda Crv/White Orchid Pearl
    White Orchid Pearl


A unique time to buy

We certainly live in interesting times and, as a result, there has never been a better time to buy a new Honda, with amazing offers on both the outgoing Honda CR-V and the new 2013 model. For more details on the current offers, please visit our CR-V Offers page.

Icons/Latest Offers

* Not available on all models


Arrange Viewing and Test Drive

For more information, or to arrange a viewing or test drive, please call the Ottershaw Sales department on 01932 874411 or the Weybridge Sales department on 01932 858811. Alternatively please complete the following form:

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