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What Car? Launch True MPG Site

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Tag: compare

What Car? has launched TrueMPG, an exciting new initiative to give Britain’s car buyers the most realistic fuel economy information possible. What Car? TrueMPG, tests cars on real roads in exactly the same conditions that every motorist faces every day.

Until now, the only information that’s been available is the car makers' own figures, which are determined under EU law and are conducted in laboratory conditions on rolling roads. Not any more. Car buyers can simply log on to http://www.whatcar.com/truempg and work out the fuel economy they can expect to get from their next new car using our exclusive True MPG tools.

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Tag: compare

Car Comparator is a fantastic industry leading new tool, available via the Honda website, which allows you to see just how well Honda cars compare against other manufacturers.

It allows you to compare any car on the market for not only price and specification, but other variables including Power, Torque, CO2 emissions, MPG, Annual driver BIK tax, Insurance group and VED band.

This can then be saved as a pdf and printed or sent as an e-mail.

You can access Car Comparator using the following link:

  • http://www.honda.co.uk/cars/comparator
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