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Business was brought to a standstill last night, when a film crew turned up to film Prince William purchasing flowers for Kate. Sadly it was not the real Prince William, although regular customers will appreciate that our Flowers by Rosie Orr are certainly good enough for royalty!

Filming was for a spoof comedy pilot, by Alison Jackson, which will hopefully be shown on British television in the not-too-distant future, if we find out when, we will certainly let you know.

We do not wish to give out any spoilers, but our forecourt staff, who watched the filming, said that it was very funny indeed.

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Trident in The Sweeney

Monday, 20 September 1976

It's not widely know that Trident appeared in The Sweeney, a hugely popular TV show of the 1970's. The Episode was Visiting Fireman, Season 3, Episode 3, at around 25 minutes in, and it was aired at 9.00pm on ITV on Monday, 20 September 1976. Whilst this was the only appearance of Trident, Ottershaw also featured in Nightmare and possibly others.

Visiting Fireman

They drive onto Shell Ottershaw (which Trident used to operate for Shell), and discover a bomb in Jack's Ford Cortina. Regan throws the bomb over the fence.

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