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New Honda Civic 2017 demonstrators arrive

Thursday, 23 February 2017 at 9.17am

Hot on the tails of our Civic 2017 Preview Events, on Tuesday our new Honda Civic 2017 demonstrators arrived on the transporter. Rarely has there been so much excitement over a new Civic, but the new 2017 model is definitely a special case.

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Trident Weybridge Site Merger

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

We currently operate from two sites - one in Weybridge and the other in Ottershaw. Our Weybridge site, being right in the centre of the town, is becoming increasingly constrained by its size, lack of parking space, and inability to accommodate transporter deliveries.

Our Ottershaw site, on the other hand, is larger, in a less built-up location, and enjoys much greater capacity and ease of access. It also operates a petrol forecourt and is well located on the A320, very close to the M25, and less than 4 miles from Weybridge Town Centre.

We have therefore decided to merge all our operations onto the Ottershaw site.

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The first transporter to arrive since the roadworks and it is a stunning difference - two-way traffic was maintained throughout with no interruption whatsoever! This is going to be an enormous benefit to the users of the A320 Guildford Road, particularly at peak times.

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Council begin roadworks

Tuesday, 30 April 2013

After 12 frustrating years for both ourselves and local community, the council have recognised the problem that was caused by erecting the bollards along the boundary with our site and are now working to correct the problem.

Whilst the council had always accepted our right to have vehicle deliveries, they had wrongly calculated that there would be sufficient space for both a vehicle transporter and the normal traffic. Although that is indeed the case for cars and motorcycles, there is insufficient space for vans and lorries, which then causes the delays that we all know so well.

Our Managing Director, Richard Roberts, said:

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